About CloudTTS

CloudTTS is a straightforward text-to-speech application. Simply type in or paste the text you'd like to hear, and it reads it back to you.

Thanks to some advanced AI, the voice sounds surprisingly natural. It's versatile too, supporting approximately 140 different languages, ranging from English and Spanish to Arabic, Mandarin, and Russian.

As the text is spoken, words are highlighted in a karaoke-style fashion. This highlighting makes it easier to follow the speech, especially for people learning foreign languages.

CloudTTS has a feature that lets you adjust the speed of the speech. For those learning a language, it can be slowed down to help with understanding and repetition. On the other hand, if you need to fit a lot of text into a 2-minute radio spot, you can set it to read faster.

The app is absolutely free. There are no fees, no plans, no quotas.

For the best experience and full feature availability, we strongly recommend using Microsoft Edge on Windows Desktop. However, our service is now universally compatible with any browser and platform, including mobile. Please note that the features available may vary depending on your choice of browser and platform.

Please check this short overview of the app!

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